Maps in AP World History

Maps are an important part of any history course.  Over the course of the year, we'll look at and use many maps--world maps and regional maps alike.  We will do many map exercises during the year.  Some will be directly relevant to the chapter we're currently studying.  Others will be in relation to the AP world regions map to help you be clear on where a region actually is and the places included in the region so that you are better prepared for the AP exam in May.

The map below is the AP regions map from the College Board.  This is the most important map for you to know and understand.

Middle East Ancient World Map (click here)

Map of Han China (click here)

Map of Ancient African Civilizations (click here)

Barbarian Migrations and Invasions in Europe (click here)

Ancient Greek Cities and Colonies (click here)

Trade in Ancient Greece (click here)

Roman Empire (click here)

Persian Empire (click here)

Alexander the Great's Empire (click here)

Indian Ocean Trade 500 - 1000 CE (click here)

Byzantine Empire (click here)

The Spread of Islam (click here)

Silk Roads Trade Map (click here)

Spread of Christianity (click here)

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